About me


Current position:

  • Aggregate Professor at the  Department of Evolutive Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences of the University of Barcelona (UB), Spain.
  • Coordinator of the Doctoral  Programme of Ecology, Environmental Sciences and Plant Physiology at the Doctoral School of the UB.


  • Paleolimnology and Paleoecology
  • Evolution of hypoxia and anoxia in lacustrine ecosystems
  • Meromictic lakes
  • Ecosystem responses to climate changes
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Tropical ecology and limnology
  • Environmental conservation and management

Study regions

  • Guayana Highlands (tepuis)
  • Gran Sabana
  • Lakes of the Pyrenees
  • Orinoco river and delta
  • Amazonian igapó

Keywords: biodiversity, biogeochemistry, blackwater river, abrupt climate change, conservation, diatoms, ecology, Guri reservoir, Gran Sabana,  humic substances, Igapó, impact assessment, lake Estanya, lake Montcortès, mangroves, meadows, Neotropic, dissolved organic carbon, Orinoco delta, paleoecology, paleolimnology,  Pantepui, threshold response,  tropical limnology, varves, wetlands, meromixis, anoxia, hypoxia, fire, igapó